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League of youth
Jagdish Prasad Mathur, the BJP stalwart who died the other day, had once confessed in a private conversation that he was, in his college days, a starry-eyed admirer of M.N. Roy. It needs some suspension of disbelief, this leap from being an ardent Ro...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Medicine woman
Sir — One wonders at the chutzpah of Brinda Karat, prescribing the dreaded “Dum Dum Dawai ...  | Read.. 
The Congress is unique not only in its history, but also in its character. Throughout its history, it has been a mass-based p...| Read.. 
In a free market of ideas and enterprise, questions about ‘brain drain’ should hardly arise, much less worry. But the lopside...| Read.. 
Killing them young
Schools have ceased to be safe for children. This is an indicator of the breakdown of civil society and its moral values, as ...  | Read.. 
In order to prove its phoniness beyond reasonable doubt, a profession has to create grave problems which it then fails to solve. — HANS KELLER
In quest of the new
Satish Gujral is arguably a better architect than an artist...  | Read.. 
Time for a different dream
Divisadero By Michael Ondaatje, Bloomsbury, £ 17.99...  | Read.. 
Mightier than the sword
An interesting anecdote does the rounds in the field of journalism. It goes...  | Read.. 
A changing market
All authors, almost without exception, complain that their publishers haven...  | Read.. 

Angels and demons