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Letter raises in-law query
Priyanka's letter

Calcutta, Nov. 8: Priyanka Todi today communicated with Rizwanur Rahman’s family for the first time since his death, sending a letter that questioned his relationship with elder brother Rukbanur.

The letter, written in Hindi and addressed to her mother-in-law Kishwar Jahan, was brought to the Rahmans’ Tiljala Lane home by two of Ashok Todi’s employees in the afternoon.

In it, Priyanka repeats her demand for the return of the belongings she had left behind, saying she was “sad and hurt” to find her childhood pictures and diaries on display in the media.

She explains she cannot come and personally receive the belongings because “the circumstances are not favourable”, but promises to “surely come and meet you” in the future.

The two-page, hand-written letter, delivered in a white envelope by Partha Sarathi Dutta and Nazmul Karim, expresses Priyanka’s “pain” at the “inappropriate remarks” made by Rukbanur about her on TV.

“You know quite well what kind of relationship Rukban bhaiya and Rizwan had…. You know it better than me,” she tells Kishwar.

The letter comes a day after Kishwar wrote to Priyanka to come and receive her belongings personally.

“Given today’s situation, it would not be proper for me to come and take away my belongings…. I request you to hand over my articles to the bearers of this letter,” Priyanka writes.

“The loss I have suffered… is probably more than what anyone else has suffered,” she adds.

The Rahmans declined to hand the articles over. Rizwanur’s uncles and some family insiders said Priyanka must receive them herself and in the presence of the media.

Kishwar wondered why Priyanka had questioned the relationship between the brothers. “I never saw anything wrong between them and I’m not sure what she has seen. These are useless comments…. She speaks about her loss; what can she understand of my feelings' Has she ever come and met me'” the mother-in-law said.

“Let’s not discuss the letter because it’s a very personal statement,” Rukbanur said. “I’m not sure why she has questioned my relationship with Riz, but attempts to malign me and my family have taken place even in the past.”

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