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Question:Where do horses go when they are ill'

Answer: The Horse-pital.

Vipasha Dutta Roy, Class V, South Point School, calcutta


Son : Dad please give me a glass of water.

Father : I canít

Son : Please...

Father : Stop annoying me or Iíll slap you.

Son : Fine. When youíll come to slap me, bring a glass of water along, as well.

Dhritiman Debbarman, Class VIII, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Amtali, Tripura


Question: Why didnít the camel cross the road'

Answer: Because it was a zebra crossing!

Sudit Sood, Class II, Don Bosco School, Siliguri


Boy: Is the train running on time'

Driver : No, not on time but on wheels.

Sayoni Ghosh, Class III, Kerala Public School, Kadma, Jamshedpur


Aryan: Ram, didnít you go to the movie theatre'

Ram : I went. But I saw the first scene and came back.

Aryan: Why did you come back' Didnít you like the film'

Ram : No, at the end of the first scene it was written ĎĎAfter two yearsíí!

Aniruddha Baidya, Class V, Hem Sheela Model School, Durgapur


Irish potato 1: I am about to change my nationality.

Irish potato 2: How are you going to do that'

Irish potato 1: By turning into French fries!

Sumer Roy, Class v, Calcutta Boysí School, Calcutta


An American came to visit Delhi. He took an auto. The autodriver took him to the Red Fort.

Autodriver: This is the Red Fort. It took hundreds of years to build.

American: In our country, such buildings are constructed in a few months.

They then went to a mosque.

Autodriver: This mosque took more than a year to build.

American: In our country, it can be built in a monthís time.

The autodriver became very angry. They then went to see the Qutub Minar.

American: What is this'

Autodriver: I donít know. It wasnít here in the morning.

Nikhil Agarwal, Class: VII, Delhi Public School, Siliguri


Tony: Why did you run into a tree last night'

Bony: It wasnít my fault. I honked a number of times but the tree didnít get out of my way.

Soubhik Deb, Class: VIII, St Maryís Orphanage and Day School, Calcutta


Teacher: How can 2+2 become 5 instead of 4'

Student: Simple, by mistake.

Rupsagar Chatterjee, Class: VII,St Francis Elite School, Calcutta

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