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A dossier of missing men

The epicentre of the probe into Rizwanur Rahmanís death is Nizam Palace, but the tremors are being felt in the bylanes of Beckbagan.

Ever since the CBI arrived in the area on October 22, those questioned are lying low and those dreading a knock on the door are running scared.

For the past fortnight, at least 10 residents of the Park Circus-Beckbagan belt have stayed away from home, occasionally returning for a few hours in the dead of the night.

Metro draws up a dossier of the missing men on the basis of information provided by their associates, who we cannot name, as they fear for their lives.

Metro has not been able to talk to any of the 10. There is no evidence yet to link any of them to Rizwanurís death.

Nata Eliyas

The closest ally of Majid (the first to be questioned by the CBI) is a resident of Darga Road. He is close to Hasan Ali (who was approached by the Todis to help get Priyanka back home) and was a regular visitor to his office.


Younger brother of Eliyas, who, associates allege, steers his construction deals and extortion racket. Has not been seen on Darga Road.

Madrasi Shakeel

The right-hand man of Eliyas, close to Majid and Hasan. The Darga Road resident is steering clear of Hasanís office and hardly meeting Majid.

Akbar Hussain

Responsible for the flooring work in all buildings being constructed by Hasan. Also the constant link between Hasan and Majid, this Bright Street man is not to be seen.

Parvez Hussain

Akbarís younger brother, also known as Badhti Parvez, allegedly manages hideouts for goons on the run. His area of operation, say associates, stretches from ď4 number bridgeĒ to Beckbaganís slums.

Midnapuria Anwar

The terrace of his house is the meeting point for Majid. Is also close to Hasan. Invests in constructions that may not be illegal, says a friend.

Katki Naushad

Has been close to Hasan and Majid for years. Associates allege he, too, has interests in shady real estate deals.

Tram Depot Gora

A terror in Park Circus, allege former associates, because of his links with the anti-rowdy squad (ARS) of Calcutta police. The alleged ARS informer lives close to Zeeshan restaurant and is said to be an ally of Hasan.


Goraís brother and partner, confirm police sources. Is allegedly a police informer and close to Hasan and Badhti Parvez.


The resident of Topsia is into dubious constructions, including the Beckbagan building where Imtiaz, Hasanís brother, lives, say neighbours.

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