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A dream comes to life at Vrindavan
- Even on her first visit to the place, the temples looked familiar to writer

The author recounts discussing her dream with Amrita Pritam

Moving around in Vrindavan, I had the impression that I had probably seen several of these buildings elsewhere too, but failed to recollect where. Was it possibly at Dwarka and Bet, which I had visited in the company of my late husband Madhu' Or, was it at the site of the temple at Kanakdurga in the south, or at the Belur and Haveli temples built by the Hoysala kings' I had seen those sites also with Madhu.

As I travelled with him along the Kaveri, many ruined temples had caught my attention... But no, such ruined temples I had not seen anywhere else. Then why did that impression linger in my mind'

Some days later, surprising though it seems, it flashed in my mind that once, when I lived with Madhu at the work sites at the Rann of Kutch and Konwar Ved, I had seen in a strange dream a number of crumbling brick walls. Long after, the famous Punjabi writer, Amrita Pritam, one day invited several people to her Hauz Khas home in Delhi, for a discussion on the subject of dreams.

There was one Rewat among the invitees. He narrated to the gathering an incident, which, he recalled, befell him in his previous birth. He was gored to death by a buffalo, under a bridge in a village.

Once, on a visit to that village, Rewat’s father was told by the villagers about an incident in which a young boy was killed. The account tallied perfectly with what Rewat remembered...

To dream about the worn-out buildings of Vrindavan, even before visiting the place, was indeed a strange experience and Amrita Pritam listened to my account with close attention. I told her about several supernatural experiences that I had had.

To be continued

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