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It’s all about money, honey
American men are doing more housework these days. According to a study by the Institute of Social Research, men do around 16 hours of housework a week, up from 12 hours in 1965. Women are doing less. But at 27 hours, they still do more than men. ...  | Read.. 
Steal moments from time
Fulfilling the role of “mom” while holding down a job can be dizzying. But with a little planning and family ...  | Read.. 
Rebels mean business
Outsiders are the people who make movies interesting. They take risks, make decisions that others can’t and generally re ...  | Read.. 
Holmes at work
The private sector hiring process has traditionally involved four steps: submitting an application, obtaining an interview, a ...  | Read.. 
The CV goes high-tech
Take your carefully prepared two-page CV, printed on top quality paper, to a recruitment agency and you will probably get thi ...  | Read.. 
It’s all about money, honey