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The boss
This is the boss who comes to mind foremost. He will chain you from the word go....  | Read.. 
Lola is Vishal’s Nadia
After Uma Thurman turned him down, Vishal Bhardwaj has managed to sign up ...  | Read.. 
Judy & she!
Who’d have thought the route to Brick Lane would be so winding' Protests from the Bangladeshi community, a cancel ...  | Read.. 
He’s back... and with kids
The wait for an Aamir Khan film can range from waiting for Durga Puja ...  | Read.. 
Pennsylvania Diwali
A year back a Hindu festival made its prime-time debut on the American airwaves as a major theme in the ‘Diwali’ ep ...  | Read.. 
Brand call for greenhorns
Did you know that the Santa Claus’s popular red and white outfit was actually more commonly seen in green ...  | Read.. 
Heart Smart
I am 16 and I’m told that I am dorky looking. I wear glasses and my boyfriend ...  | Read.. 
Flickering flame
This column has been written in bits and pieces in all kinds of places ...  | Read.. 
Pandal princess
Ke tumi Nandini, aage to dekhini.... The Manna De classic was the song that set the mood of the moment ...  | Read.. 
Not a cakewalk
Recently, a new staff member has joined my team; pretty much a fresher, full of questions about ...  | Read.. 
Serious style
Hidesign president Dilip Kapur on the leather company’s image, the Calcutta market and overseas plans......  | Read.. 
Bags mean business
What do bags and jazz have in common' A lot, according to the people at Hidesign. ...  | Read.. 
Getting britain to bhangra
Jas Daffu on dhol and dholak, Sarah Moore on soprano sax, Joe...  | Read.. 
Blues beckons
Tipriti (Tips) Kharbangar’s husky voice and Rudy Wallang’s intense blues riffs ...  | Read.. 
Ten tales: Not quite a Decalogue, Dus Kahaaniyan has 10 short stories told back to back. The film has a host of directors — Vishal Bhard ...  | Read
‘I do enjoy acting’