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Marriage for love, not lakhs
- Rizwanur’s calls were rejected by Ashok Todi

Rizwanur Rahman had no designs on Ashok Todi’s riches and he wanted to make that clear to his father-in-law days after the businessman separated Priyanka and him.

In a desperate attempt to convince him that he had married Priyanka for love and not for wealth, Rizwanur had tried calling Ashok Todi several times on September 17 and 18. But his calls went unanswered and he began to fear that he had lost his wife forever.

CBI officials have stitched these facts together after questioning some of Rizwanur’s friends from Arena Multimedia, where the computer graphics designer was a popular teacher.

“Rizwanur’s friends told us that he was desperate to tell Ashok Todi that he had not married his daughter with an eye on his wealth. But his efforts were in vain, as Todi didn’t respond to his calls,” said a CBI official. “He suspected foul play after all communication channels with his wife were snapped,” he added.

Rizwanur had cried in front of his friends and despaired over being kept apart from Priyanka.

“He was depressed and started crying, saying he only needed Priyanka and nothing else,” said Swapnil Sengupta, a fellow-teacher in Arena Multimedia, at whose place Rizwanur had spent the nights of September 8 and 9.

Swapnil also recounted how Rizwanur had asked Priyanka not to bring anything expensive with her from the Todi home. “At his instance, she even left her N-series Nokia phone and just brought the SIM card. He truly loved her,” he added.

The Priyanka-Rizwanur love story, recounted Sadique Hussain, took a decisive turn after she had proposed marriage to him over SMS. Sadique was Priyanka’s batchmate at Arena and a witness to their marriage registration

“Sir (Rizwanur) later told me she had been abducted by her family. He also said she would die but not give in to the pressure,” said Sadique .

According to Rizwanur’s mother Kishwar Jahan, Priyanka had brought just two sets of salwar-kameez and a handbag with her when she moved into 7B Tiljala Lane.

“I didn’t have any idea that her father was so rich. She was very simple and mingled easily with other members of the family. I was feeling awkward because our room is so small, but she asked me not to worry about anything. She said money didn’t matter to her because she loved Rizwanur,” she recalled.

On September 4, Priyanka even cooked aloo dum and puri for the family. “They were so happy together... She had told me she would never leave Rizwanur,” said Kishwar Jahan, with tears in her eyes.

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