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Some of the greats of Indian contemporary art come alive in this gallery of portraits — FACES OF INDIAN ART: THROUGH THE LENSES OF NEMAI GHOSH (Art Alive Gallery, Rs 6,500). It begins with the rather tame photograph of Jamini Roy, followed by a wild- eyed Ramkinkar, ends with the sculptor Dhruva Mistry, and includes some touching profiles of Bikash Bhattacharjee, disabled by a massive stroke. It is remarkable how this ageing photographer accomplished the phenomenal task of tracking down the artists in their studios spread all over India, and even abroad. Somnath Hore, Tyeb Mehta, Ram Kumar and Jehangir Sabavala look as elegant as calligraphy in the Kufic script. Ganesh Haloi’s eyes sparkle with impish charm. Satish Gujral’s toupee looks almost real and Madhvi Parekh is as earthy as her paintings. Does Anjolie Ela Menon get dolled up before taking up her brush' Clockwise from left, Nilima Sheikh, Mrinalini Mukherjee’s sculpting hands, Somnath Hore and Thota Vaikuntam.

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