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Todis told me to offer any amount: Hasan
Hasan and Pappu

Hasan Ali, a realtor from Palm Avenue, was interrogated by the CBI on Monday in connection with Rizwanur Rahman’s death. In an exclusive interview to The Telegraph on Thursday, he recounts how desperate the Todis were to separate Priyanka and Rizwanur.

August 31

I received a call from two solicitors with whom I share a good rapport, asking me to help the Todis. I heard about Priyanka Todi and Rizwanur Rahman for the first time that day.

September 1

I met Ashok Todi, Pradip Todi, Anil Saraogi (Priyanka’s uncle) and Umesh Kyal (Saraogi’s father-in-law and the Todi link with the solicitor firm) on the ground floor of their office on Old Post Office Street.

As they were explaining how desperate they were to bring Priyanka back, there was a call from Lalbazar and they left in a hurry. Before leaving, they told me they had asked the police brass of Lalbazar, including Gyanwant Singh, to intervene.

Around 8.30 that night, they all turned up at my residence and said the cops had failed to separate the two as Priyanka and Rizwanur were adults and legally married. They showed me a letter Priyanka had left behind while leaving home, stating that she loved Rizwanur and was leaving home to marry him, forfeiting her claim to her father’s property.

The Todis then told me about the involvement of Pappu, a businessman on Broad Street who is close to the Rahmans, and asked me to put pressure on him to separate Rizwanur and Priyanka.

I started gathering information about Rizwanur and learnt that he was a good boy working as a computer graphics teacher on Chowringhee Road.

September 2

The Todis, along with Saraogi and Kyal, turned up in the morning and urged me to meet Pappu. I drove to Pappu’s house and we talked in my car.

He said he had failed to do what the Todis had told him to do as Priyanka was adamant about not leaving Rizwanur. I returned to my office and narrated this to the Todis, who insisted that I offer Pappu whatever amount he demanded to get the job done. Pappu said: “Hasanbhai, humse nahin hoga (Hasanbhai, I can’t do this.”

I then called up my brother Imtiyaz, who lives on Shamsul Huda Road, and asked him if he knew anyone close to Rizwanur's uncles and he named Majid. Both of us told Majid to help out the Todis.

He first met Sahidur Rahman, Rizwanur's uncle, and offered him money but was turned down. Then Majid met Rukbanur and two other uncles, but they, too, turned down the offer. I then told Kyal that I would not be able to help them.

September 3

Kyal called me early in the morning saying an uncle of Rizwanur was willing to strike a deal and so I must convince Pappu to contact him. Saraogi came to my office and I called Pappu, who refused to play a part.

But I later learnt that some sort of monetary deal had been struck between Pappu and the Todis behind my back.

October 21

The CBI called Majid for interrogation. He named my brother Imtiyaz.

October 22

The CBI called me; I told them everything. While sitting with the CBI officers, I called up Kyal, who told me the CBI might interrogate me and that I must not tell them anything about a deal being struck with Pappu. The CBI officers heard it all. Then they called Kyal and Saraogi for interrogation, who confirmed that they had paid Pappu in lakhs.

When The Telegraph contacted Pappu, he said: "I have not taken any money from anybody. The Todis are trying to tarnish my image."

Majid said he had approached Sahidur Rahman who told him not to get involved in the matter. "I didn't approach anybody else after that," Majid added.

Umesh Kyal disconnected the phone after hearing that the call was from The Telegraph.

Anil Saraogi's cellphone was switched off.

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