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I grew up in Calcutta and went to Assembly of God Church School. I had varied interests as a child and wanted to do a whole lot of things. From boxing to dog breeding to keeping fish, I was very keen on learning almost everything on earth.

I was also extremely passionate about wildlife and was a part of the WWF club. Being quite interested in sports, I took up table tennis for a while, but left it before long. I also wanted to be a rock climber, even though I had never climbed a rock face! Similarly, I wanted to do Aikido, but never found enough time to pursue it.

Chess was another sport that I was crazy about. I wanted to be a member of the chess club at the Russian centre but never got admission. Movies also interested me a lot and I always wanted to make my own film some day ó something I eventually did. Most of all, I was interested in science, biochemistry in particular, which I later pursued in university.

In my spare time, I drew and designed imaginary machines and thought up unconventional advertising ideas. I also enjoyed reading a lot. My mother had a huge collection of books at home and I took after her. She encouraged me to read detective novels and Bengali literature, especially adventure stories.

I was a very whimsical kid and wanted to try out new and different things every other day. My father was very supportive of me and gave in to my whims and fancies without ever being discouraging. And that helped me experience a wide variety of things in life while growing up.

I had a memorable childhood, but donít quite miss it as I keep revisiting those days back in Calcutta through my books and the characters of my graphic novels. Through my works, I get to live the lives I always wanted to lead ó a forensic detective, an adventurer and sometimes a war reporter.

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