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Insiders prick CM

Chief Minister Madhu Koda feels making him the whipping boy is a political compulsion of his alliance partners, even as Jharkhand inches towards mid-term elections.

Though not in mood to enter into any “altercation” with his “political friends”, Koda says he would “not refrain from exposing their real faces, if necessary”.

The chief minister will also not hesitate to reveal the names of political heavy- weights “at whose recommendations tran- sfer-posting of officials have been made” by his government and the “real reasons” behind unhappiness of comrades of same goal.

Having completed 13 months in office — a unique achievement of its kind — Koda pours out his heart during an exclusive interview with The Telegraph.

“Making me the scape- goat is a political compulsion of my alliance partners. As the political parties have begun to gear up for fresh Assembly elections, holding my government squarely responsible for all misgivings is their only option. It is true that some of my ministers failed to mend their ways, but where am I at fault' Every-thing — be it routine transfer-postings or policy decisions — have been done at the recommendations of MLAs, MPs and other such influential politicians,” said the chief minister.

Feeling that “bound by compulsions of coalition politics”, he was dancing to the tune of his alliance partners, the chief minister said: “If need be, I will release the list of all politicians involved in transfer-posting business and the real reasons behind their unhappiness.”

He has decided to have some plain speaking with UPA heavyweights, rather than succumbing to pressure politics.

“I am confident of retaining my Assembly seat. My own support base in the state has improved. My government has begun all such work, which had remained neglected for decades,” the chief minister added.

He said repair of roads and national highways have begun across the state. NREGA has started picking up. There has been considerable progress in the literacy drive and industrialists have begun to regain their confidence in Jharkhand. The groundwork on ring road and Greater Ranchi has also started, the chief minister pointed out.

“For the first time since the history of unified Bihar, teachers and employees working in Urdu schools and madarsas have started getting Central payscale. But my biggest hurdles are being caused by my own men. Every politician supporting my government has tried to push his own agenda,” said the chief minister, warning: “They are forgetting that Madhu Koda will always have more sympathisers or followers.

“I have learnt a lot in the last one year and have had enough experience. I am still learning. People living in glass- houses should not throw stones at others. No matter how long I continue to hold office, I am not here to serve individuals,” said the chief minister.

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