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Marriage & me time
ďÖI donít hear about it often, itís calledÖ Me Time. Iím talking about rejuvenation time, quiet time, alone time, personal time, self-careÖ Me Time! Two times a week I drive away from my adoring husband, three little bright and...  | Read.. 
Star-struck Stardust
Matthew Vaughn has had better days. He has been on planes for most of the past week, he is red-eyed from lack of sleep, suffe ...  | Read.. 
For a little bit of joy
ďIf we can bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, then all our efforts ainít been in vain for nothin.&# ...  | Read.. 
Every season girl
A couple of years after Parineeta, VIDYA BALAN is getting the bouquets all over again for Bhool Bhulaiya ...  | Read.. 
Whatís cooking, Zayed'
The first thing I have in the morning is: A bowl of fruits ó usually itís papaya, a multi-vitamin tablet, two vi ...  | Read.. 
The last king of silence
The death recently of the legendary mime Marcel Marceau seems to have gone unnoticed in these parts. This should not surprise ...  | Read.. 
Forget it, as fast as you can
Speed ...  | Read.. 
Couture call
Who: Manish Malhotra ...  | Read.. 
Marriage & me time