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Stop that car!
Armed with four million lines of software code on his computer in Agra, Shailendra Bansal says he can track, control, even kill the ignition of virtually any car anywhere in the world. But the car would have to be rigged with a satellite-based tracking device, some associated hardware and the specia...  | Read.. 
A glowing feat
The utterly inefficient light bulb that ruled interior lighting for more than a century may soon be extinguished if a Calcutta researcher has his way. ...  | Read.. 
Stop that car!
Lab Report
Water sans toxic chromium
Rain record
Are you a net addict'
I met up with a friend of mine after a long time. I was shocked to see him. The smartly groomed lad had put on weight, grown a beard and his eyes were sunken deep. My first concern was that he had taken to drugs and could not come out of it. ...  | Read..