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Cry for justice, fists on CM car

Calcutta, Oct. 13: Posters in English, Urdu and Bengali, photographs of Rizwanur, black flags and hundreds of people — Tiljala Lane today seemed desperate to send a message to the VIP visitor.

And even if Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee managed to gloss over it all while walking into the Rahmans’ house, there was no way he could miss it while leaving the place.

Around 1.10pm, some people banged their fists on his car despite the nylon rope cordon thrown by police and a placard asked: “Why CM/Why nobody arrested yet'”

The mob lunged in front of the white Ambassador to vent its anger. As police officers jostled with the mob, trying to ensure the car followed the trail of the escort jeep, cries of “Buddhababu hai hai” filled the air.

Humhey ladaai nahin, insaaf chaahiey. Sach ka saath do (We don’t want to fight, we want justice. Stand by the truth),” said one poster.

“Why did he have to come now' To play safe on behalf of his officers'” asked local boy Sadik Hussian.

Those around Sadik cheered their support for what he said as curious faces tried to catch the action from terraces.

The mood was hostile since the preparations started for the chief minister’s arrival. Three women tried to push their way towards the Rahmans’ house as Bhattacharjee came around 12.25pm. “We want to meet him. Why are you policemen trying to stop us'” one of them asked.

Karaya officer-in-charge Swapan Mitra took her away.

No one left Tiljala lane or the many others branching from it during the 35 minutes Bhattacharjee spent in Rizwanur’s house.

“We have no shopping to do for this Id. We’ll just participate in the namaaz tomorrow,” Rukbanur said.

CID in Rizwan office

CID sleuths today questioned some of the employees of the multimedia training institute on Chowringhee Road where Rizwanur worked.

The officers examined the computer he operated and went through the attendance register. “We are finding out if Rizwanur had written anything in his office computer that might be of help to us,” said CID special inspector-general N.N. Pandey.

Sources said the sleuths could access one of Rizwanur’s personal folders. “We’ll get access to all the folders in a couple of days,” an officer said.

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