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City of hope
The storm of protest over Rizwanur Rahman suggests that Calcutta is a caring city. But the findings of a Telegraph-GfK-MODE poll are shocking. Shuma Raha looks for the real Calcutta ...  | Read.. 
Short and sweet
Debojit Mukherjee, a 20-something management trainee, used to hate the idea of watching an Indian film in a theatre. He said ...  | Read.. 
Return of the native
A new Julie Christie film is nowadays a rare phenomenon but with a bit of luck, her new movie, Away From Her, in which ...  | Read.. 
Tabu keeps her promise
celebrity circus
The tiresomely moody Tabu, who is quite capable of dropping out of sight and remaining unavailable for the promotion of her o ...  | Read.. 
Krishna Menon’s 50 cups of tea a day
If Winter comes
Room for Rumi
Singhvi’s style
Tittle tattle
City of hope
Father, son and the holy days
Stitch in time
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Trade off
‘They expected me to be this terrible monster... who’d try to grab them’