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Handle with care
When a mother loses her child, or a girl the man she loved, it seems intrusive to bring to bear on that devastation a discourse of public meanings. Yet to keep quiet, even in mourning, after Rizwanur Rahman lay dead by the railway tracks, is to let h...  | Read.. 
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Be a gentleman on the field
Sir — These days it is difficult to claim cricket as the gentleman’s game. The appalling lack of de ...  | Read.. 
Bad and worse
Sir — H.D. Deve Gowda was always an astute politician, prepared to go to any extent to grab or reta ...  | Read.. 
The circumstances are deeply unfortunate, but there is some joy in seeing the leftists hoist by their own petard. It has been...| Read.. 
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Watch to watch
Bihar better than Italy
Landing with a thud
Write off rights
The business of petty inconvenience and indignity, of being kept waiting about, of having to do everything at other people’s convenience is inherent in working-class life. A thousand influences constantly press a working man into a passive role. He does not act, he is acted upon. — GEORGE ORWELL