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An acre of green grass
If you drop a coin and donít pick it up immediately, someone else will. Thatís natureís law. Calcutta ó or West Bengal for that matter ó must be one of the few places on earth where, if you neglect a piece of land, itís snatched away by someone else....  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Between fun and malice
Sir ó It is unfortunate that a radio jockey made some uncharitable remarks about the Gorkhas. This ...  | Read.. 
Exclusion of all else
Siró It sounds incredible that a two-time world chess champion had to wonder about the kind of rece ...  | Read.. 
There is a tide in the affairs of women in south Asia. But one doubts if all of it, taken at the flood, will lead on to fortu...| Read.. 
Tagore, ambitiously
Tagorean drama goes through regular periods of ebb and flow. Right now it seems like high tide, with about half a dozen new productions on view. Swapna-sandhaniís Dakghar...  | Read.. 
To look into the soul of a city
Advertising photographer Pradeep Dasgupta took to the streets of New York in 2004 and 2005 to escape his...  | Read.. 
Classical style with modern magic
Innovative choreography and experimental presentation of classical dance have become popular these days. Such a trend has both positive and negative effects. Young dancers wit...  | Read.. 
Allergic to America
I have always been a leftie and a fellow-traveller. I was an active member of the Civil Liberties Union, a communist front or...  | Read.. 
I am quite agreeable that a woman shall be informed about everything, but I cannot allow her the shocking passion for acquiring learning in order to be learned. When she is asked questions, I like her often to know how to know the things she does know. ó MOLIÈRE