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Report opens fresh wounds

Calcutta, Oct. 4: An “inconclusive” report has referred to hitherto-undisclosed bruises on Rizwanur Rahman and suggested possible suicide, prompting his family to demand that his body be exhumed.

In the interim report submitted to the government, the CID has said it has not come across any evidence that the newly-wed had been murdered.

The CID has based its finding on the nature of injuries, circumstantial evidence as well as comments of Rizwanur’s wife Priyanka.

“In its report, the CID has given details of the investigations carried out till yesterday. The report is inconclusive regarding the cause of death. Based on this, we will send a report to the state human rights commission,” home secretary Prasad Ranjan Ray said. “The report contains no reference to the role of police since the CID was only investigating an unnatural death case and not the police involvement.”

Sources said that in its report, the CID said the post-mortem had revealed Rizwanur’s skull was smashed and there were bruises on his arms and chest. Quoting the post-mortem report, the CID document has stated that the injuries were “ante-mortem” in nature and most likely suffered because of impact with a train.

The report said none of the injuries suggested that Rizwanur was making any effort to protect himself from an attack, which could be interpreted to mean he had taken a conscious decision to harm himself.

However, no CID official had examined the body, which had been buried by the time the case was handed over to the department.

Rizwanur’s brother Rukbanur, who had seen the body, said other than the smashed head and “a mark around his neck”, there were no injuries.

“We don’t believe what the police claim is there in the post-mortem report,” Rukbanur said today. “I have seen the body closely and there was not a single mark anywhere else on the body. We want the body exhumed and an independent examination carried out.”

The CID team has backed its finding with quotes from Priyanka that she had asked Rizwanur not to take any hasty action but to wait for a few more days for her to return. Priyanka has reportedly told the CID that she “still can’t fathom why Rizwanur had to do such a thing”.

CID officials said Priyanka told them that she believed Rizwanur took his own life because she did not return from her parents’ home within seven days.

However, the CID has admitted that it did not find any witness to the “suicide” or anyone who had noticed him walking along the train tracks.

Home secretary Ray said: “It is for the judicial inquiry to establish conclusively whether it was an accident, murder or a suicide.”

The report makes no mention of Calcutta police officers who have been accused of threatening Rizwanur and trying to break up the marriage. “Priyanka was silent on the role of the police. So, we have not gone into it,” an official said.

But Ray said: “As for police involvement, we’ve received another report from Calcutta police, which contains some relevant points. We will send that too along with the CID report to the human rights commission.”

Officials said that as Priyanka and Rizwanur were questioned separately by the Calcutta police she might not have been aware of the manner in which her husband was threatened by the police.

However, the CID has mentioned in its report that Krishnendu Das, a sub-inspector of the anti-rowdy squad of the Calcutta police, had coerced Sadique Hossain, a witness to the wedding of Rizwanur and Priyanka, to come to Lalbazar.

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