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Warne now linked to Jemima

Melbourne: There is a new spin to the Shane Warne romance saga.

According to reports Jemima Khan is the new woman in Warne’s life.

Warne’s misfired text message, which spelt doom for his efforts to woo back estranged wife Simone Callahan, was reportedly meant for Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima.

Warne’s former wife Simone claimed that he caught the cricketer red-handed when he mistakenly sent her the text message meant for his lover.

An Australian magazine claimed the message was meant for Jemima.

Warne, however, rubbished the report and insisted that he and Jemima were “just friends”.

“There’s absolutely no truth in that one whatsoever,” Warne told an Australian news agency during his visit to the MCG for a beer promotion.

“We’re good friends, and that’s it. Hopefully that clears it up with you guys,” he said.

The flamboyant cricketer also said he was not game for a mud-slinging duel with Simone.

“I am not going to start a tennis match with Simone, backwards and forwards.The statement that I released is 100 per cent truthful and accurate and I stand by that.

“Simone knows the truth and that is the end of that one,” he added.

Warne and Simone parted ways in 2005 but attempted a patch-up early this year to see if things work.

Last week Simone said she caught Warne cheating on her while he was in London. As Simone got the couple’s three children ready for school in Melbourne, she said a text dropped into the inbox of her mobile phone. “Hey beautiful, I’m just talking to my kids, the back door’s open,” the message from Warne said.

Simone claimed the message confirmed her suspicions that Warne was again cheating on her, adding that he later told her there was someone else and apologised.

However, Warne had issued a statement saying the couple agreed amicably to go their own ways nearly two months ago.

Warne is currently in talks with Cricket Australia about taking up a role to help country’s young spinnners.

According to an Australian newspaper, the 38-year-old is in talks with CA’s operation manager Michael Brown since he returned from Britain last week. “I am speaking to Cricket Australia at the moment about how we can best utilise my skills and my experiences of the game and how we can get around to all the states and help the other spinners, talk to the captains,” Warne told the newspaper.

“We’re just working out the best way to do it, with the time restraints as well, in season, out of season, all that stuff. Hopefully I can play a big part.” (AGENCIES)

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