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Close communion
Last week’s piece on blogging was unfair to the genre because it overlooked blogging’s most important function, which is neither fact-checking nor editorializing, but the often dangerous business of testifying to our times. In countries like Iraq, Bo...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Bad neighbour
Sir — It is disheartening to note that the ideas of independence and democracy have lost their mean ...  | Read.. 
As was to be expected, the mission by the United Nations special envoy, Ibrahim Gambari, to Mynamar has not led to any immedi...| Read.. 
A lot changes in twenty months. For the Janata Dal (Secular) in Karnataka, the arrangement made all those months ago with its...| Read.. 
How to clean up the mess in time
It’s that time of the year again, when, despite working weekends, you come home cheerful. For in a couple of days, you know w...  | Read.. 
Loving wisely and well
A couple of weeks after the parliamentary standing committee introduced the maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens bill, 2007, in early September, an HIV+ woma...  | Read.. 
It hurts to be caring
She sits across the road from the astonishing Hangsheswari Temple in Bansberia, Hooghly, hoping for alms from tourists. Her husband, now dead these five years, had been a fish...  | Read.. 
Too merry for her own good
My music teacher —let’s call her FM —refuses to be the typical Senior Citizen. She has always been ‘different’, and she has always chosen to be ‘free’ (her words). At 69, she ...  | Read.. 
Who will feed the cat'
Maya Mukherjee has not heard about the proposed parents and senior citizens bill, 2007. She hasn’t had the time, she tells me, busy as she is with her daily chores. “There is ...  | Read.. 
Sri Lanka: Protection of the Rights of Elders Act, 2000: created the National Older Persons Council. It requires children to provide care for their parents and gives parents...  | Read.. 
A coloured man can tell, in five seconds flat, whether a white man likes him or not. If the white man says he does, he is instantly — and usually quite rightly — distrusted. — COLIN McINNES