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Chocolate & Us
Dark chocolate with soft centres, white chocolate truffles, milk chocolate with nuts, chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk.... What would the world be without chocolate' A less enjoyable place, surely....  | Read.. 
In the spring of 1992, after vagabonding around the country for two years, Christopher McCandless, a 24-year-old Virginian a ...  | Read.. 
Laidback ladykiller
You have been given the sex symbol tag. Do you feel you deserve it' ...  | Read.. 
Stars who sell
Hrithik wearing Macroman vests. Shah Rukh selling HP computers. Amitabh pitching for Navratna hair oil. Big bad Bollywood is ...  | Read.. 
All for a story
An initiative is here to erase the vices of the “horrible computer, terrible TV and the blasphemous homework” from ...  | Read.. 
Sold on the classics
Who: Four law students, a media student and a consultant at an IT firm make up this young band that calls itself Second Earth ...  | Read.. 
Natural style
What: Exhibition of For Full Cupboard....  | Read.. 
City of design
A city that was once blasted to rubble during World War II was labelled as ...  | Read.. 
Root route
Folk songs have been on my mind for some years now. In that respect, Chh...  | Read.. 
Band with the best
September 29, Saturday brought in a treat for Bangla rock lovers with the f...  | Read.. 
He’s beautiful
Ibiza, which has an international reputation of being the ultimate party...  | Read.. 
Srabani shows off the new Coloured Diamonds bridal jewellery collection from Celeste. The pieces set in white and yellow gold with precious and semipr ...  | Read