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The gene we don’t need
The adage “we are what we eat” seems to be true in more ways than one. Research suggests that certain types of food that probably helped us develop larger brains now seem to make us develop serious diseases. Research also seems to show that human beings will adapt to a new diet, even to wh...  | Read.. 
Hit the keyboard and get well
Think of rehabilitating mentally challenged people and the images that immediately come to mind are of them being made to do knitting, sewing, basketr ...  | Read.. 
Drink to remember
A glass or two of wine can boost our ability to remember, says a new study. Scientists have found that moderate amounts of alcohol challenge the brain ...  | Read.. 
The gene we don’t need
Lab Report
Snails as pollinators
Cancer therapy
Rural tech
In Bengal’s Purulia district, businessman Mahabir Chaubey has come up with inventions that can help better home appliances, medical care and construction. Fired by a desire to make life better — and coupled with a creative instinct — Chaubey man ...  | Read.. 
An iron pill a day
Some diseases set in with noticeable manifestations like high fever or the appearance of a tumour. They are easy to identify and diagnose. Others are ...  | Read..