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Boy thrashed for tease protest, girl mum
A Class XII student was punched and kicked in the head, chest and abdomen for protesting when his friends were teased by a group of youths while on their way home from tuition....  | Read.. 
Holiday, for CPM meet
A high school here had an extra holiday on September 24 as the local CPM unit held a conference. ...  | Read.. 
Curfew & army leave Siliguri
Normality returned to the city today as curfew was lifted from all areas a little after noon. ...  | Read.. 
Strip threat
Mamata Banerjee today threatened a “Manipur-style” protest if the government did not return the land “forcib ...  | Read.. 
‘Outsider’ hand in ration rage
The Birbhum administration today accused “outsiders” of fanning the ration rage, which spread further today. ...  | Read.. 
Patience tip to Reliance
Industry has expressed concern at the possible fallout of the dismissal of Reliance retail employees on eastern India’s ...  | Read.. 
Subhankar Sarkar, 22, (left) and Debapriya Pal, 19, who were accused of killing a mother and daughter in Malda, being taken to court....  | Read
Hill death
Flood relief
Power loot