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Clever, coy and diligent
Earlier this week I posted a reaction to the Twenty20 final that India won on Monday on a cricket blog. The post was partly about the match and partly about a comment that Shoaib Malik made at the end of the match, which seemed to suggest that he saw...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Sealed justice
Sir ó The sealing drive in Delhi, once advocated so relentlessly by Y.K. Sabharwal while he was the ...  | Read.. 
Idol worship
Sir ó Prashant Tamang may have been crowned the Indian Idol, but there was no doubt that his rivals ...  | Read.. 
The most convenient and the most facile interpretation that can be made of Rahul Gandhiís appointment as general secretary of...| Read.. 
Nobody expects the mayor of Calcutta to be more powerful than the combined forces of geography and the weather. But civilizat...| Read.. 
Call it the big bluff
Judging by reports, New Delhi seems determined to go ahead with its efforts to develop the Northeast. Earlier too such noises...  | Read.. 
Hold on for a little while longer
It was a couple of days after the central committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) rejected another of Jyoti Basuís wishes ó this time of joining the Congress-led U...  | Read.. 
Get your room full of good air, then shut up the windows and keep it. It will keep for years. Anyway, donít keep using your lungs all the time. Let them rest. ó STEPHEN LEACOCK
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