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Alternative solution for varsity need
- Own power, water for JU

Self-reliance is the buzzword at Jadavpur University. The university has decided to arrange for its own electricity, water and security as far as possible.

The focus will be on unconventional methods to meet the demand for the three services on the campus. Solar power plants will be set up to reduce the dependence on conventional electricity. Rainwater harvesting units will be installed for water supply.

The existing security system, involving guards at various points on the campus, will be phased out. Smart automatic surveillance systems will be used in its place.

“There are several centres of advanced studies on the campus where experts in electrical engineering, illumination engineering and water supply management are engaged in various projects. We will utilise their expertise to become self-reliant,” said Parthapratim Biswas, a member of the executive council and a senior teacher at the university’s construction engineering department.

The first rainwater-harvesting scheme will be operational within a few months. The supply will be sufficient to meet the demand for 100 days in a year in a part of the campus.

The rainwater harvesting capacity will be increased gradually. Currently, surface water fulfils 60 per cent of the university’s requirement. The rest of the demand is met by groundwater.

The rainwater harvesting schemes will be implemented in collaboration with the Association of Engineers, a body of professional engineers.

The university has a small solar power generation unit on the campus and has plans to set up bigger units soon. Researchers at the School of Illumination Engineering will also develop power-saving lamps to reduce electricity consumption.

“We can use these specially-designed lamps in corridors and even classrooms. But we will have to depend on conventional electricity for areas that need to be brightly lit for security purposes,” said an official.

Automatic surveillance will be introduced in a four-storeyed building under construction, where schemes under the World Bank-sponsored Technical Education Quality Improvement Project will be implemented.

“The entire block will be equipped with a sophisticated, mechanised surveillance system,” said another official.

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