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Predicting violence
The trigger may have been a torched train, and police and political failure to protect innocent people may have fuelled the Gujarat riots of 2002. But with a bit of number juggling, physicist Yaneer Bar-Yam in Cambridge, Massachusetts, may have caught a glimpse of just how and why the trigger spawne...  | Read.. 
Exotic, faraway and mysterious
Neutron stars are weighty matter, both physically and intellectually. A neutron star cannot be more than 20-30 km in diameter but at the same time it ...  | Read.. 
Lonely and sick' Could be in your genes
Lonely people are more likely to get sick and die young, and researchers say they may have found out why: their immune systems have gone haywire. ...  | Read.. 
Predicting violence
Bacteria boost to oil production
No-stink clothes
Saying it in Bengali
Bits & Bytes / Surit Doss
q+a I could set up Bengali in my computer by following your instructions. I am 81 years old and am finding it very difficult to get some help on the keyboard layout. I have another Bengali software developed possibly by Bangladeshi software e ...  | Read.. 
Flaky, itchy and embarrassing
Dandruff affects 90 per cent of the population at some time in their lives. It itches uncontrollably and produces an ungroomed appearance, with unsigh ...  | Read..