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A lament for lost values
Since the Sethusamudram Ship Canal project has been hanging fire for 147 years, a little more delay will do no harm. What causes dismay is the scope it has provided for a despicable, if predictable, display of opportunism by political operators with ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Slap with a reason
Sir — Some of the laws in our country have become outdated and require immediate changes to keep pa ...  | Read.. 
Power of lies
Sir — George W. Bush and Manmohan Singh have a lot in common — the former has gone down in history ...  | Read.. 
Who needs a hyphen anyway' Or, for that matter, who needs a dictionary' The passions that would be aroused by the second ques...| Read.. 
Seeking inspiration in history
Along with the commemoration of various demicentenaries this year comes the concomitant historical drama. Sixteen Bengali groups have collaborated on Natadha’s Palashi ...  | Read.. 
From Baroque to modern
Max Mueller Bhavan, the Goethe Institut and the Calcutta School of Music presented a programme of music...  | Read.. 
Thought, interrupted
In Europe it was different. By the middle of the 18th century the church had lost its monopoly as the sole mentor of society....  | Read.. 
A professor of anatomy once declared that there are only fourteen types of woman — young women, women who are really wonderful all things considered, and the twelve most famous women in history — and the same applies to Bridge partners. Over and above this, they are usually either so good that you lose all your self- confidence, or so bad that you lose all your money. — W.D.H. McCULLOUGH
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