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Tread softly on faith
In the late Eighties, Lal Krishna Advani was successful in introducing two words into the lexicon of Indian politics: minorityism and pseudo-secularism. Their evocative imagery helped change the public discourse and contributed immeasurably towards e...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Rescuing the god
Sir Secularism in India, unlike the Western concept, is not based on the negation of religion (B ...  | Read.. 
Anarchists are, by definition, enemies of all institutions. If they join a government, the secret agenda usually is to wreck ...| Read.. 
Everyone can object to his private life being laid bare before the public. The problem, of course, has to do with the definit...| Read.. 
Where are the true leaders'
Will it ever be possible for the Congress to function like a well-oiled, competent organization that respects individuals and...  | Read.. 
Everyone threw the blame on me. I have noticed that they nearly always do. I suppose it is because they think I shall be able to bear it best. WINSTON CHURCHILL
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Gentle giant in stone
The elephant is not merely an animal in India...  | Read.. 
Return to the Sixties
It would be the ultimate escapist fantasy for some. But for Chris Carver, ...  | Read.. 
The story inside
Interpreting homes in South Asian literature Edited by Malashri Lal and Su...  | Read.. 
An inevitable conflict
Students of history who study the English Civil War or the English Revoluti...  | Read.. 

Small like jailbirds into cages