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Wounded' Try honey
With the rise in cases of diabetes, more and more people will suffer from foot ulcers that do not heal and may end up needing amputation because treatment of chronic wounds is so difficult....  | Read.. 
Scent of a man
If you find somebody smelly, thatís your problem. Not only literally, but also genetically. ...  | Read.. 
Wounded' Try honey
Natural insecticide
Anti-cancer agent in rice
Bengali on Windows XP
Many of you are refusing to part with your old Windows 98 because you have software in it where you can type Bengali. Usually, it is Samit or something similar. The problem with these Bengali programs is that you can rarely exchange files unless the ...  | Read.. 
Can I pierce my bellybutton'
Q: Can I pierce my bellybutton'...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why does lather make shaving easy...  | Read..