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Secrets of a good team
Everyone swears by teamwork. There is a feeling in most firms that two and two should end up at more than four if you are dealing with teams. Says Mumbai-based HR consultant Shashi Rao: ďThatís a quick-fix solution; form teams and let them ...  | Read.. 
Etiquette at work
Put your name tag on your right shoulder. Ladies, donít let it hang on that lanyard. Think about where people have to lo ...  | Read.. 
Wish you were here
A few years ago, I was just settling down to watch the sun set over the shimmering loch, enjoying some rare and well-earned p ...  | Read.. 
Rightsizing blues
Q. Recent job cuts have created low morale among you and your colleagues. Is there anything you can do about it' ...  | Read.. 
How I Made It
Om Tantia watched the film Anand at a very impressionable age. So inspired was he by the character of the doctor, play ...  | Read.. 
Doing the balancing act
Somehow, between the time when Apple II computers first appeared on metal office desks and the time you started bootin ...  | Read.. 
Secrets of a good team