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The Beckham syndrome
The English Institute of Sport has warned that David Beckham’s travel schedule is taking its toll. Ken Van Someren, responsible for the health of Britain’s prized athletes, expressed concern about Beckham’s frequent flying, which he sa...  | Read.. 
Femme fatale
Juliette Binoche has spent her career turning down action roles. She told Steven Spielberg ‘no’ to Jurassic Park ...  | Read.. 
Mirror, mirror on her wall
Fitness to me is: The attunement of your mind, body and soul ...  | Read.. 
Meet the Class of 2007
Be it the uber-cool way they carry themselves or the PYTs they sport on their arms, these boys have got everything going f ...  | Read.. 
Our films, their films
Just do it
It began with a replica of the Taj on a barge, and last Sunday it reached a crescendo with the arrival of the Bollywood Brass ...  | Read.. 
One more time
All that is gold does not glitter; Not all those who wander are lost — J.R.R. Tolkien ...  | Read.. 
Para play
Having written on Neville Cardus and Gilbert Jessop recently, I did not think that I would catch myself writing about cricket ...  | Read.. 
New Zealand calling
New Zealand is the hottest new education destination, offering a whole range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in bus ...  | Read.. 
Stress Buster
I completed school this year and have taken admission in a college. I was regular for classes during my school days but now I ...  | Read.. 
More than just money
On Friday, City Centre’s Hushh and Kobe Sizzlers saw ad guru Prahla...  | Read.. 
Passion at work
Judging from the crowds at Lake Land Country Club on Saturday, plenty of pe...  | Read.. 
Curtain call
A fashion finale has never been more fitting. Rohit Bal rocked the ramp and how. An avant-garde collection inspired by...  | Read.. 
Female menopause has been known for centuries and is quite passe. But male menopause is a fairly more recent phenomenon ...  | Read.. 
The mystic manager
Every morning, when I am out for my whisk (brisk walk) and swim, I find peo...  | Read.. 
Find SRK’s perfect six-pack abs inside, claims the website of Farah Khan’s much-awaited Om Shanti Om, introducing model Deepika Paduk ...  | Read