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Veteran British actor Sir Ben Kingsley’s latest role, it seems, is ordained by mother Nature. In marrying a Brazilian actress half his age last week, the 64-year-old Sir Ben — who played the role of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the 1982 movie Gandhi — may have become part of Nature’...  | Read.. 
Children outdo chimps
Toddlers as young as two and a half have better social skills than humans’ nearest primate relatives, chimpanzees, and display an innate “cu ...  | Read.. 
What’s that buzz'
If you are finding it difficult to replenish your cardamom stock, you may blame the honeybee for it. For while the insects are supposed to aid pollina ...  | Read.. 
Older and better
Lab Report
Weeds can be useful
Whale ears
Dealing with Disk boot failure
How many of you have received the dreaded Disk Boot Failure notice the moment you open your personal computer' You could shut down and restart your PC, and everything suddenly seems to be all right. But the very next day you get palpitations when you ...  | Read.. 
Say iChoose
Everything in the 21st century seems to begin with an “I” — the iPod, iPhone, iTunes or iWay. If it is not “I”, it is “me ...  | Read..