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Tougher term for Alistair
Alistair Perreira, who drove his Toyota Corolla over seven persons sleeping on a Bandra pavement and crushed them to death after a night out drinking, has been sent to jail. ...  | Read.. 
‘Robber’ let off
A man who allegedly waved a knife at a local priest and ran away with a temple donation box has been acquitted by the Supreme Court because he did not have a lawyer to de ...  | Read.. 
JNU caste plot charge
Accused of sexual harassment, a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University today claimed that he was being victimised by “upper caste” colleagues jealous of his p ...  | Read.. 
Monica music
A Bhopal court on Thursday played “sweet music” to Monica Bedi’s ears by upholding her acquittal in a passport case and passing severe strictures against the ...  | Read.. 
Girl sale foiled in Calcutta
Police rescued a girl about to be sold for Rs 1 lakh in front of Science City late tonight. ...  | Read.. 
Behind banter, an Indian Ocean axis
The sharp voice rang out across the verandah that overlooks Minnie Bay through which vessels sail to dock in Port Blair’s military and civilian harbours: “Hey ...  | Read.. 
Former Miss World Diana Hayden at an event in Hyderabad on Thursday. (PTI)
Mobiles explode
Dal pollution
Shakeel aide
‘Spy’ lover spice to blast probe
Hyderabad blast suspect Shahi Rafzani has a soldier boyfriend who may have passed her classifie..  | Read.. 
Buddha to Singh: US between us
America has “sneaked in between you and me”, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee told the Prime M..  | Read.. 
Centre seeks forest control
The ministry of environment and forests wants to be the ...  | Read.. 

Harass charge general in dock
The army has for the first time attached a general on t ...  | Read.. 

Inquiry into BCCI threat
The cricket board has another headache. ...  | Read.. 

Poll in air, aam aadmi takes pride of place at cabinet table
The Union cabinet tonight came up with more lollies for the ...  | Read.. 

Photo fatwa
The Dar-ul Uloom has issued a fatwa banning photography, sa ...  | Read.. 

Tense wait for Salman
When Salman Khan drives to court next week, he might fi ...  | Read.. 

All play, no work googly
Game and grain won’t mix, Sharad Pawar is being ge ...  | Read.. 

Blind-faith stampede kills 11 at quack’s ashram
Eleven devotees waiting to meet a quack known for his m ...  | Read.. 

Murder tag on sex test
Bombay High Court today upheld an amendment to a law bannin ...  | Read.. 

Emigration relief
Indians travelling abroad for reasons other than employment ...  | Read..