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Husband head in wife’s hand

Hyderabad, Sept. 6: A woman cut off her husband’s head, put it in a plastic bag and walked 10km to a police station in Andhra Pradesh yesterday.

“This is my husband’s head, I cut it with this sickle,” Ramadevi said. “He had threatened to kill me and my two children.”

“Since no bus would give me a ride because of my blood-stained clothes, I walked all the way here,” she told the officers at China Mandem, Kadapa district.

The 32-year-old alleged that her farmer husband, Mohan Reddy, had last month killed her parents because they tried to stop him from marrying a second time.

She said she had gone to Saudi Arabia two years ago to slog as a farm labourer and housemaid so Mohan could repay his debts.

But when she returned last July, she found Mohan had spent the money on alcohol and women and had taken up a mistress, Malleswari, whom he planned to marry after Dussehra. “He was hoping I would send money for the festival like I had done the past two years.”

Ramadevi walked out to stay with her parents in the same village, Kanti Vandlapalle. One day, while her parents were working in the fields, Mohan hacked them to death, she says.

“Today, I didn’t realise what I had done till I saw him lying blood-splattered outside my home. But my anger at him for killing my mother was so strong that I cut his head off.”

“She looked terrible. We dared not approach her. Her own children ran away,” said neighbour Ramnarayan Reddy.

A large group of villagers followed her to the bus stand. Some offered her water and some offered fruits, but Ramadevi refused them all.

“I kept the sickle because I was afraid my brothers-in-law might attack me,” she said.

She said Mohan kept forcing her to go back to Saudi Arabia, and turned nasty after she refused. “I have killed in self-defence.”

A murder case has been registered.

Many farmers of Rayalaseema and Telengana send their wives to West Asia to work, but dump them after they return and the cash runs out, said Kadapa police chief Y. Nagi Reddy.

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