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Bose-Einstein feat in India
Ten days before they got married, physicists Sanjukta Roy and Saptarishi Chaudhuri gave themselves what they consider was their best wedding gift — and physicists across India may have reason to celebrate. ...  | Read.. 
Double fault slur on CM pal’s firm
The dubious firm of chief minister Madhu Koda’s pal Binod Sinha — India Diesel and Tractors — not only allegedly duped Bank of India but also cheated several poor pe ...  | Read.. 
French twist to Partition: Attlee’s the villain
Indian loyalty to the Labour Party, especially to Clement Attlee, the British Prime Minister from 1945-51, could be seriously misplaced. ...  | Read.. 
Barbie add-ons in recall line
Mattel issues voluntary alert over level of lead
Mattel, the world’s biggest toy maker, has announced a recall that involves Barbie playset accessories. ...  | Read.. 
Bose-Einstein feat in India
I hope at least on Teacher’s Day, you will listen to your headmaster
Somnath Chatterjee
in the Lok Sabha
Tatas face 1-lakh test
The Tata small car, which is expected to roll out of the Singur plant in the middle of next ye ...  | Read..
At 80kmph, driver at 13 runs over baby
The driver was “tall enough to see over the windscreen” and doing 80kmph when the Toy ...  | Read..
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