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Watch out for cyberslackers
If you are at work, chances are you are probably doing it right now. ...  | Read.. 
Chocoholics like ‘drug addicts’
Brain changes in chocoholics that occur when they see or eat chocolate are similar to those in addicts when they take drugs, scientists say. ...  | Read.. 
Cool Biz Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is familiar with Cold War diplomacy, but today she had her first encounter with Cool Biz diplomacy. ...  | Read.. 
Indian boy in UK goes missing
News of missing children always sends a shiver down the spine in Britain because there have been so many horrific crimes before — and it happened again today. ...  | Read.. 
Keira Knightley at the 64th Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. (AP)
Dogged betting
Angry shot
$4 theft