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Show of ire over seat in airline

Ranchi, Aug. 27: Bending laws by lawmakers for personal benefits is just the order of the day in the city.

However, Anosh Ekka did not take law in his hands, rather his men who abused a lady staff and went on a rampage at Birsa Munda airport while the rural development and transport minister remained a mute spectator.

The lady, who was at the MDLR Airlines counter where Ekka’s aides, including private secretary Atish Kumar Singh, had gone to get a boarding pass for him, faced the wrath with firearms reportedly aimed at her for not giving the pass to the “honourable minister” just 10 minutes before the flight was to take off for Delhi.

Ekka’s men, comprising security guards too, not only broke computers and vandalised the counter of the latest airlines to have hit the Ranchi sky, but also abused the lady, the daughter of a state government officer, who was injured by glass shards.

She was initially reluctant to lodge an FIR, but once Ekka took an Indian flight about two hours later at 4.15pm, an FIR was lodged, but that too against “a passenger, Anosh Ekka, Singh and some people who came to see Ekka off”, but not against “Ekka, the minister”, according to the airline’s security manager, C.B. Roy.

Singh, however, put the blame on the airline management “for not allowing any of the ministerial staff on behalf of Ekka”. “Our staff have reached the airport at 2.10pm, but they insisted that the pass would be issued to the minister himself,” said Singh, adding: “They showed no consideration for the honourable minister.”

Even they did not apparently show any consideration for the lady. “The CISF guards, in charge of airport security, did not come forward to rescue the MDLR staff sitting alone,” said an eyewitness on condition of anonymity.

Airport director A.V. Krishna said that security of external part of the airport is the responsibility of the state government. “In fact, I was officially informed about the incident at 6pm,” he said.

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