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I have bought a flat in Ballygunj. The previous owner was the first occupant of the flat. After I got its possession, I was told the property tax was due for a long period. The previous owner said a court case was going on regarding the tax and he would only pay after a judgment. What should I do'

R. Prasad Jaiswal, on email

When signing the sale agreement, you should have checked if there was any tax due. If there is a clause in the deal saying the previous owner is liable to pay the tax till the agreement has been signed, he will have to cough up the amount and you need not worry. You may now try to pursue the property tax case so that there is an early judgment.

I recently entered into a joint venture with a landlord for the development of a property on a 40:60 basis. Will the landlordís allocation be on built-up area or common area'

Madhusudan Guha, Calcutta

The landlord will have to develop 60 per cent of the area sanctioned by the municipal authority for development.

Ultimately, it boils down to the number of flats the landowner has the right to sell and keep proceeds of. Suppose the landlord is allocated 5,000sqft of the sanctioned area, and the flats are of 1,000sqft each, he will have the right to sell five flats.

What is meant by built-up area and covered area of a flat'

Chandrima Sen Gupta, on email

The built-up area, which is also the covered area, is the sum of the carpet area of a flat, the walls and partitions.

Flats are generally sold on super built-up basis. After leaving out 20-25 per cent of that, one can arrive at the built-up area.

What is the process of sanctioning an illegal building' From where can I know more about it'

Rajib Ghosh, Keyatala

Municipalities and corporations have the right to tag a building illegal. It is generally done when a building deviates substantially from the plan sanctioned by them. You have to approach the civic authority concerned and seek its advice. You can also consult a civil engineer before going to the authorities.

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