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Passengers flee as aircraft explodes
They made it out just in the nick of time. ...  | Read.. 
Brangelina lensmen rush irks Paltrow
If you are a superstar Hollywood actress, one of the nice things about visiting Chicago is the absence of paparazzi. ...  | Read.. 
De Niro celebrates birthday twice
Travelling allowed Robert DeNiro to celebrate his birthday twice. ...  | Read.. 
Maoists plan protests
The Maoists plan to put pressure on the ruling coalition government over declaring Nepal a republic through a parliamentary resolution before Novemberís Constituent ...  | Read.. 
Pak frees Qaida expert
A Pakistani accused of using his computer skills to help al Qaida has been released after three years in custody, a government official and the manís lawyer said today. ...  | Read.. 
Terror-stricken passengers flee from the burning aircraft at Naha airport on the Japanese island of Okinawa on Monday. (Reuters)
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