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A vital interest
India’s tortuous relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which is celebrating its 40th birthday this week, illustrate that legend and history do not always synchronize. Though popular lore has it that Indira Gandhi spurned Asean wi...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Disgraceful conduct
Sir — The legislators who led the assault on Taslima Nasreen at a function in Hyderabad should have ...  | Read.. 
Seeing red
Sir — The Left seems to have suddenly woken up from its slumber to oppose the nuclear deal scripted ...  | Read.. 
The photographs of Mohammad Muqtada Khan aiming a laptop at Taslima Nasreen in Hyderabad are perhaps some of the ugliest imag...| Read.. 
For the love of small things
The attempt to use traditional techniques and modes of representation to create an individual vision of the ‘modern’ unites the three accomplished artists reviewed here. In ea...  | Read.. 
Fresh, green and far from monstrous
By imposing environmental studies in educational curricula, the government aims to inculcate ecological consciousness into a nation that, from colonial times, discarded its tr...  | Read.. 
Through the lens of an outsider
The photographs in A.P. Matthew’s exhibition, Memories of India & An Indian from India (Seagull Arts & Media Resource Centre, till August 12), can be classified...  | Read.. 
Crime and punishment
“Crime unpunished breeds criminals.” I’ve said this before; I said it again when Sanjay Dutt and others convicted for the Bom...  | Read.. 
The basic rule of the City was that if you are incompetent you have to be honest, and if you’re crooked you have to be clever. The reasoning is that, if you are honest, the chaps will rally round if you make a pig’s breakfast out of your business dealings. Conversely, if you are crooked, no one will ask questions so long as you are making substantial profits. — JONATHAN LYNN