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Since 1st March, 1999
Accursed power
Kings are not in fashion. Certainly not while alive and reigning. When dead, itís another matter as the obsequies of Afghanistanís Mohammed Zahir Shah demonstrated. The rapture with which he was greeted after 29 years of exile and the mourning at his...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The way of delayed justice
Sir ó The report, ďSacked soldier calls judges donkeys in Delhi courtĒ (July 27), is an index of th ...  | Read.. 
Caught napping
Sir ó Origin of the Kolkata Police, a book written by P. Thankappan Nair, was recently launc ...  | Read.. 
How much funding does the theory of global warming attract' For global warming is a theory, not a fact, say the scientists wh...| Read.. 
Transformed by a quirk of the brow
It is strange how some artists are remembered for a single quality of their work to the exclusion of all else. Gobardhan Ash is one such. While he is remembered along with Som...  | Read.. 
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
A long time ago, when this reviewer had the temerity to rope in James Stephens for the role of Balthazar in a production of Gian Carlo Menottiís Amahl and the Night Visitor...  | Read.. 
Experiments with mood and style
Constant restlessness and the urge for innovation often show up a different dimension of the traditional structure. Learning a classical dance style with a liberal perspecti...  | Read.. 
Pastoral pleasures
It is great shikaar country. Wild boar and deer come down from the Shivaliks to the valley to feed on ripening crops. ...  | Read.. 
You can have a menís novel with no women in it except possibly the landlady/ or the horse, but you canít have a womenís novel with no men in it./ Sometimes men put women in menís novels/ but they leave out some of the parts;/ the heads, for instance. ó MARGARET ATWOOD