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New machines, fresh frontiers
A new “intelligent” flying machine designed by a team of young engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, may soon be seen flying over remote jungles, railway tracks, or the nation's coastline, perhaps keeping a lookout for Naxalites, smugglers or wild animals....  | Read.. 
Bane to boon
bayudacauyfavucaWhile we fret about global warming and talk about developing renewable energy, we often gloss over another inconvenient truth: a large ...  | Read.. 
Your heart will be watched
Here’s good news for the weak hearted. A tiny device — which can either be dangled from the neck or strapped to the abdomen — may monitor the hea ...  | Read.. 
The ‘intelligent’ flying machine developed by IIT, Kanpur, researchers.
New machines, fresh frontiers
Happiness herb
Close but comfortable
Mac’s the best
Bits & Bytes /SURIT DOSS
q+a I want to buy a high performance assembled computer. Please suggest which things I should purchase. My budget is around Rs 70,000-80,000. ...  | Read.. 
Death is the end of life, when all brain activity ceases permanently. We all expect ... | Read..