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Wife faints at sight of jailed doctor

Bangalore, July 19: When she saw the pictures this morning, Firdous Arshiya collapsed.

Mohammed Haneef’s articulate young wife, who has been putting up a spirited defence all these days, couldn’t take the shock of seeing her husband in orange detention overalls, sitting barefoot, head between his knees.

The pictures were published today in newspapers and shown on television — the first time since the Bangalore doctor was detained on July 2 in connection with the failed car-bomb plots in the UK.

Family sources said Firdous was taken to a nearby hospital where both she and her three-week-old daughter Hania were examined thoroughly.

Her father Ashwaq Pasha said Firdous was back home by evening. “She is suffering from depression and strain. Doctors did a thorough check-up. She is better now. She has been advised complete bed rest.”

Haneef’s lawyer Peter Russo said in Brisbane his client spoke to his wife today. But Haneef hasn’t been able to speak to his mother, brother and sister as Australian police couldn’t get an Urdu translator.

“He spoke to his wife mostly in English but, as his mother can speak only in Urdu, we were told the police did not allow him to make the calls,” Haneef’s father-in-law said.

Pasha also said till this evening, one of his nephews who had applied to go to Australia had not received his visa. “I don’t think the Australian high commission is in a hurry to issue the visa,” he added.

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