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Industry pushes tax cuts instead of quota
India Inc. has asked the government not to force a job quota on it and, instead, sought tax sops to set up industry in Scheduled Caste- and tribal-dominated districts. ...  | Read.. 
Hope gives way to anger
Last night, Firdous Arshiya was excitedly anticipating a meeting with husband Mohammed Haneef sometime next week, and imagining his delight at his first sight of their ba ...  | Read.. 
‘Spy eye’ on Monica
Monica Bedi’s lawyer today called for a high-level probe after reports emerged that a closed-circuit television has been recording the actress in her Bhopal Central ...  | Read.. 
Left sniffs axis
The comrades see a window of opportunity in the “third front’s” decision not to vote in the presidential polls. ...  | Read.. 
Pratibha fake on Net
Namaste! I am The Nominee of the United Progressive Alliance for the Honourable post of The President of The Republic of India. Wish me Good Luck. I am more than certain of ...  | Read.. 
Hope gives way to anger
Ram autopsy
In-law rape
NSUI protest
Cheque row
Britain’s Guru of Gossip, with Calcutta connection
Nigel Dempster, who has died in London, aged 65, came to be considered the “Guru of Gossip..  | Read.. 
Email cloud on Haneef flight
An email by Mohammed Haneef has led Australian police to conclude that the car-bomb suspect wasn..  | Read.. 
Army smells rat in gold ‘scam’
Indian peacekeepers alleged to have trafficked in weapo ...  | Read.. 

Left against defence pact
The Left today said it is opposed to the India-US Logis ...  | Read.. 

Military deal with US on table
Indian and US military personnel, warships and aircraft ...  | Read..