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Beyond borders
Two pieces of news from London seem to have caused surprise and anguish in India. First, that doctors are involved in terrorism. Second, that they are Indian doctors at that. Logically, there is nothing strange about either development. What bears re...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The hall of fame
Sir — Mukul Kesavan has written engagingly on contemporary tennis champions and their illustrious p ...  | Read.. 
Fatal attraction
Sir — The Delhi Police has been rather overzealous in its concern for the safety of students and v ...  | Read.. 
There are two kinds of post-colonials — the guilty and the giggling. In the apportioning of modern justice, the ex-colonizers...| Read.. 
Empty words flow heavenwards
My grandmother used to say her morning prayer while churning a large earthen pot to make buttermilk. She often paused to exam...  | Read.. 
The story of the eye
Behind the Great Traditions of Art, there often stands a Little Tradition, distinguished by its unique history of the inner eye. The eye of Great Art has to reckon with this i...  | Read.. 
In search of excellence
Twelve years is a long time for an institution to understand and assess the purpose of pursuing an art form. “Baror Barota”, presented by Darpani at Rabindra Sadan on J...  | Read.. 
Misusing the space
The local segment of Odeon 2007 featured open-air folk performances and four original Bengali plays. Raybeshe, Bhaoyaiya, Bhatiyali and Putul Nach ...  | Read.. 
A very large part of English middle-class education is devoted to the training of servants...In so far as it is, by definition, the training of upper servants, it includes, of course, the instilling of that kind of confidence that will enable the upper servants to supervise and direct the lower servants. — RAYMOND WILLIAMS