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Pak troops deployed in cleric’s bastion
Thousands of troops rolled across northwest Pakistan today, a day after President Pervez Musharraf vowed to follow the storming of Islamabad’s Lal Masjid by eliminating extremism from “every corner” of the country. ...  | Read.. 
House votes for pullout
After the Bush administration conceded that Iraq had made little progress towards a democratic society, the House of Representatives voted to withdraw US troops by spring 200 ...  | Read.. 
Google in court over ‘misleading practices’
Google, the world’s biggest search engine, is to face a court case over allegations it is promoting deceptive business practices. ...  | Read.. 
No shift in US policy, says Brown
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown denied today a shift in foreign policy away from the US after one of his ministers told an audience there that a country’s strength d ...  | Read.. 
Blair’s woes
Tony Blair joked about his difficulty in coming to terms with life after Downing Street as he raised funds for the Labour Party last night. ...  | Read.. 
Benazir talks
Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto today said her party was taking part in talks with President Musharraf. However, she denied any “deal” with the President.  ...  | Read.. 
An anti-Musharraf protester in Karachi. (AP)
Christie’s notches up record art sales
Christie’s International auction house recorded the largest half-year sales in art market hist..  | Read.. 
Tech threat to brain power
An over reliance on technology is leading to a dumbing down of nations’ brain power, accor..  | Read..