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The new devil
In the July 3 episode of television serial Viruddh, the scion of a business family is trying to get workers in his factory to end their strike. Amidst the heated exchanges, a young girl steps up. “If you rich people get out of your air-co...  | Read.. 
Dirty dancing, desi way
It’s air-conditioned inside but Devraj Singh and his wife Anita are working up a sweat. The mirror-lined hall throws bac ...  | Read.. 
Move over Bill, Slim’s here
Has the crown been plucked from the not-so-boyish mophead of William Henry Gates III' Could it be that the world’s most ...  | Read.. 
Tangy, Tart, Hot and Sweet
Indians in New York aRE not exactly surprised that Padma Lakshmi — or Lady Rushdie as she can apparently choose to call herse ...  | Read.. 
Ice, ice, maybe
For Anil Kumar Kulkarni, the abrupt meltdown of the stalagmite, or the sacred lingam, in the Amarnath cave this year m ...  | Read.. 
Capped wonder saves the day
celebrity circus
The aliens have truly landed in Bollywood. The unbelievable has happenead. Out of the three big ‘A’s that were relea ...  | Read.. 
Not Goody at all
Blame game
Blair’s back
Konnie’s knockout
Tittle tattle
The new devil
Only commas
Film fest
Designing dreams
Going, going...
‘I can paint anywhere; there’s no question of exile’