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Curing the incurable
Sangita Jainís life revolves around reading and research. Not for any academic pursuit, but to provide informed care to her two sons, aged 11 and 9, affected by Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) ó the leading inherited cause of mental retardation. She has learnt to redefine her life, but each quiet glan...  | Read.. 
Think before you eat
Last year, Christopher Gardner, assistant professor of medicine at Stanford Prevention Research Center, wanted to see how garlic lowered bad cholester ...  | Read.. 
Black holes are hot
We read in the last episode that black holes do not allow anything, not even light, to escape. Classically speaking, this is true. But when one applie ...  | Read.. 
Plastic' No problem!
Whatever be its method of disposal, plastic poses a huge threat to the environment. Burial causes soil contamination while burning releases poisonous ...  | Read.. 
Smart machine
Bad roads leading to bumpy rides' Not for much longer. A fleet of new-gen cars that can automatically slow down over a bump or a pothole would soon hi ...  | Read.. 
Curing the incurable
Lab Report
Petal power
Bacteria-eat-mosquito system
Killers in packs
Smoking was once considered macho, high-class and sophisticated. James Bond, Fidel Castro and socialites smoked publicly and elegantly. Now smoking ha ...  | Read.. 
Why Corner
Why is Flame colour usually orange'