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Commons gives Tony a dignified exit
The Lok Sabha could learn a thing or two today from the dignified manner in which friend and foe put aside political differences in the House of Commons and gave a standing ovation to Tony Blair as he bowed out after 10 years as Prime Minister of Britain to be succeeded immediately by Gordon Br ...  | Read.. 
Bigger than a poodle: Bush
Tony Blair was no poodle, President George W. Bush said in a newspaper interview published today. ...  | Read.. 
Corporate India optimistic
Corporate India is reasonably optimistic that Gordon Brown as Prime Minister will be as good a friend to India as Tony Blair has been — possibly even better. ...  | Read.. 
UK monsoon summer
Monsoon summers, with short but heavy downpours, are predicted by scientists to become a feature of British weather, bringing floods that could cause around one billion pound ...  | Read.. 
Europe boils
A heat wave has killed at least 35 people in parts of southeast Europe and hit wildlife and crops, from the humble toad in Greek lagoons to grain across the region, while fru ...  | Read.. 
Global unease with US rising
Unease with American foreign policy and with President George W. Bush has intensified in countries that are some of the closest US allies, while Russia and China also face gr ...  | Read.. 
Singer and actress Beyonce at an awards show in Los Angeles. (Reuters)
Bullet bother
Music ties
Mobile user milestone
Global mobile phone use will pass the 3 billion mark — equivalent to half the world’s populat..  | Read.. 
Tooth solves Egypt queen’s mummy mystery
A single tooth has clinched the identification of an ancient mummy as that of Queen Hatshepsut, who..  | Read.. 
Iran fuel rations spark riots
Angry Iranian motorists queued for fuel for hours today aft ...  | Read.. 

US Senate revives immigration bill
The US Senate has revived a stalled immigration bill that c ...  | Read..